Redefining Human-robot Relationship

Powered by industry-leading collision sensing technology and Pudu-developed advanced algorithm, SwiftBot aims to be the most intelligent and secure commercial delivery robot. SwiftBot can detect passers-by and initiatively make way for them in a timely manner. Even in a highly dynamic and complex environment, SwiftBot can conduct and complete its tasks with ease and surprise you with its multifunctionality and high reliability.


Realtime Visualized Status

Every step of SwiftBot is visible and understandable

Omnidirectional Perception Capability

Comprehensive utilization of sensing technology to secure safe deliveries

Initiative Make-way for Pedestrian

Improving efficiency and performance in rush hour

Lateral make-way in the opposite direction
Lateral make-way in the same direction
Backward make-way in the opposite direction

5-S Delivery Expert

Reduce 50% human-robot road congestion and increase 30% machine running speed in restaurant environments
Enhance 20% delivery stability powered by hybrid technology, combining automotive-grade adaptive variable suspension and stabilization algorithm
Human detection technology ensures the safety of special groups such as elders and children
Multimodal interaction provides more intelligent and better experience for customers
Being courteous and friendly, SwiftBot redefines the relationship between people & robots

Automatic Electric Door

Securing safety, hygiene and privacy

Innovative Projection Interaction

One Step Door Control

Collision Avoidance Alert

Machine Status Indicators

Pattern Interaction in Special Modes

IoT Functionality

Support 4G/LORA/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/RFID/Type-C Easy function extension and application integration

Unimpeded In-building Delivery

Safely and automatically take elevators and pass through E-gates

Mission at-1-call

Flexible robot calling and task-assigning
PUDU Pager
4G Watch

Multiple Serving Modes

Food Delivery Mode
Delivery Mode
Cruise Mode
Guiding Mode
Birthday Mode
Interaction Mode
Mission at-1-call
Flexible calling, quick response
Mission at-1-call
Automatic Charging
Intelligent auto-charging for 24/7 services
Automatic Charging

Two Models, Different Scenarios



Empower robots with diversified accessories for more possibilities