is Pudu's latest building delivery robot that can take the elevator to provide safe and reliable room delivery. Powered by cutting-edge technologies, FlashBot takes intelligent delivery to the next level, enabling digital management and services of hotels and office buildings.

Future Intelligent Delivery Service

IoT Technology

See FlashBot's Superpower

The IoT technology allows transmitting instructions between FlashBot and other devices in the building with a cloud-based network, enabling FlashBot to take elevators automatically across floors.

Taking an Elevator

Making a Phone Call

Flexible and Efficient 3D Obstacle Avoidance

3*RGBD camera + Customized lidar

empower FlashBot with accurate 3D perception to avoid low and overhanging obstacles.

Enjoy Attentive Services

Powered by Intelligence


FlashBot charges itself automatically when its battery is low, serving you in the best way at any time.

Reshape the Robot with Creativity

Modular Adjustable Compartment, Bigger Than Bigger

The multi-functional compartment maximizes space utilization, enabling FlashBot to perform multiple tasks with a single tap.

UV Sterile Compartment

The compartment features a UV germicidal lamp that offers a sterilization rate of up to 99.9%, delivering greater peace of mind. The UV can be turned off.

Upgraded Auto-Level Suspension, More Than You Can Imagine

The upgraded six-wheel independent suspension helps FlashBot navigate smoothly in any environment.


The new PUDU SLAM solution integrates multiple sensors including lidars, cameras, RGBD, and IMU. This proprietary technology enables FlashBot to perform tasks efficiently in complex environments.


Multiple robots can cooperate with each other, making the delivery more efficient and intelligent.


PUDU CLOUD platform provides powerful cloud-intelligent services to Pudu robots. With its platform for business management, automated operation and maintenance, and data collection, it monitors robots' statuses in real time and drives informed decisions to enable intelligent residential delivery.

Operation Process

Placing items

Auto delivery

Auto ride elevators

Auto call

Arrival notification

Picking up



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